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The Multi-Power D1 is specifically designed for drilling programs in remote locations. Powered by a robust 99 HP Kubota diesel engine and equipped with an MPP LW rotation unit, this rig delivers exceptional performance. Its lightweight modular design allows for easy transportation, as the rig can be broken down into modules weighing less than 1200 lbs. These compact modules can even fit into a small fixed-wing aircraft.

In terms of depth capacity, the Multi-Power D1 offers impressive capabilities:

- BQ: Capable of reaching depths of up to 800 meters, ensuring versatility for various drilling applications.
- NQ: With a depth capacity of 600 meters, it provides reliable performance for medium-depth drilling projects.
- HQ: Designed to reach depths of up to 400 meters, making it suitable for a range of drilling requirements.

The Multi-Power D1 is renowned for its flexibility, allowing for efficient and cost-effective operations. Its modular design enables quick assembly and disassembly, reducing downtime and improving productivity. Additionally, the rig's advanced features and reliable performance make it a trusted choice for remote drilling projects.

Experience the flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the Multi-Power D1 for your drilling needs. This innovative rig is engineered to deliver exceptional results in remote locations, ensuring successful drilling programs while optimizing resources and reducing costs.

Multi Power D1 drilling rig
DEPTH CAPACITIES: Based on max pullback & a 25% safety factor
  • B 2630 ft / 800 m

  • N 2000 ft / 605 m


Standard unit Kubota V3800T, 4 cylinder, turbo charged diesel engine

Power:99 HP @ 2600 RPM

Optional unitIsuzu 4JJ1X, 4 cylinder, turbo charged diesel engine

Power:131 HP @ 2500 RPM


Standard unitLW drill head c/w Christensen style "H" chuck

Maximum opening:3-1/2" (H size)

RPM:1400 RPM

Torque:1500 ft lbs

Chuck:35,000 LBS.

Hydraulic motor:Rexroth 160cc variable speed/torque piston motor

Gear ratios:1 to 1

Optional unitBoyles B15

Maximum opening:3-1/2" (H size)

RPM:1400 RPM

Torque:1800 ft lbs

Chuck:26,000 lbs capacity

Gear ratios:3.1:1 & 4.4:1


Standard unit2 cylinder hydraulic open/close 

Maximum opening:3-1/2” (H size)

Optional unit12HH 3-1/2" (H size)


Feed stroke:72”

Pullback:14,000 lbs

Pulldown:7510 lbs

Drill angle:45 to 90 degree

Tower:10 ft or 20 ft rod pull capacity


Standard unitL0918B-CD (420) piston pump  

Capacity:24 GPM @ 700 PSI


Wireline winchHydraulic motor direct drive

Capacity:1000 ft of 3/16" cable


Controls:Fully hydraulic, no electronics

Rod handling:Sychronized chuck & footclamp w/ additional chuck control

System pressure:3000 PSI

Filtration:10 micron

Components:Sauer Danfoss, Valvoil, Rexroth & Parker

Heat exchanger:Water:oil


Mud mixer c/w whip lines

1000 ft of W/L cable

1 set of rod and casing jaws/bushings

55 gallon fuel tank



Tracked carrier

Skid w/ stabilizer cylinders

Level wind winch

Diesel driven supply pump

Enclosed drill shack

Mud tank

French/Spanish labels & manual

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