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Even though we were surrounded by snow, it felt warm. The sun reflected and bounced off th


Providing Everything You Need

Core Sample Drilling

Core Sample Drilling

Core Sample Drilling core solutions for both surface and underground, shallow and deep hole, small and large diameter core, including wireline and conventional. For your next surface core drilling project, insist on the best.

Variety of high-quality coring drilling systems  

  • BQ

  • BTW

  • NQ

  • NQ2

  • HQ

Driller Operating ZENIX A5 Drill
Drilling Camps

Set up & Decommission of Camps

We Set up and decommission of camps portable and flyable all-weather exploration camps in the most remote sites in Canada 

Turnkey Camp construction:

  • Planning

  • Mobilization

  • Tailored camp sizes

Road & Site-Building

Road and site-building as well as site reclamation. Building through the most uninhabited area and in the most difficult conditions Canada has to offer

building path
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